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The purpose of this website ( is to provide descriptions of the various offers available through the Gîtes de France® network and to help users search for products and services related to the sale of Gîtes de France® stays. Fraudulent use of this site, or use that contravenes the legal provisions here stated, can result in the SAS Gîtes de France refusing, at any time, access to the services provided by this same website.

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On-line publishing is subject to the same rules and regulations as traditional publishing. Site content is therefore subject to laws that confer various rights and obligations to the reader. The website’s editor agrees to scrupulously respect current editorial rules, including: having the right to publish content made available on the website. doing his best to verify the validity of the information made available to the public. However, errors or omissions may still escape the editor's attention and appear on the website. granting permission to users to print any content published on the website, though strictly for the reader’s personal use. Offers published in the Latest Offers, Holiday Suggestions, and Latest News sections are subject to availability and managed by our partners.

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For their part, visitors to the website agree to respect the intellectual property rights that pertain to content published on the site, including: Not reproducing, summarizing, modifying, altering or redistributing – without the prior consent of the editor – any article, title, application, program, logo, brand, information or illustration, for any use that is not strictly private in nature. Any reproduction for professional purposes or mass redistribution is therefore prohibited. Not copying any part of the website onto another website or internal computer network. Parties responsible for any infringement of these imperative provisions are subject to punishment by law.

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The corporate names and logos Gîtes de France®, Charmance®, Pré Vert® and Tourisme Vert® are registered trademarks. The website is protected by copyright and trademark rights. The total or partial reproduction of this website’s content or form is strictly forbidden, without the express prior consent of the site’s editor.

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Certain information collected by the website is processed in order to manage the files of both clients and potential customers. This data-processing procedure has been declared to the CNIL. The data are sent to the SAS Gîtes de France. In compliance with the French Freedom of Information Law of 6 January 1978, users have the right to access, correct or delete their personal information at any time. If you would like to exercise this right, simply send us a written request by post or email ( SAS Gîtes de France holds confidential any data collected by this website’s on-line forms. In compliance with the above-cited law, information collected by the website will not be kept for a period of time longer than is necessary for it to be processed and for which it was originally collected.

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